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Monday, June 16, 2014

Sorry for my absence!

I have been neglecting my blog lately and I just wanted to pop in to tell you all that I'll try to get back more often!

For the past month I have been learning C# and so far I managed to create a WinForm tool that allows me to synchronize the members of groups in the API with groups in the SharePoint environment. So, basically, when I connect to the API and I see that there are new members in a group called "HR employees", but those new members are not yet in the corresponding SharePoint group, then I can just select the new members and synchronize them. They then get added to the corresponding SharePoint group for the HR employees. Same goes for when I need to remove members: if a user no longer is present in the API group (I keep saying group, but I believe it's called a resource) but still is present in the corresponding SharePoint group, then it means I need to remove that user from the SharePoint group.

This all works really neat now, I'm even using a background worker and a progress bar!

So anyway. I'll be back sometime soon, currently still learning C# and trying to make tools for practice.
Until next time!

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