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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


My blog just got over one thousand views!!! 




Confetti for everyone!!!


I probably just viewed my own blog so many times that I'm now up to one thousand. Although I did set it so that my own views wouldn't count. But meh, /care, one thousand views!

Also, someone actually clicked on the advertisement box on the right. Which gave me a very tiny small amount of eurocents, but still money nonetheless!
So if you happen to stumble upon this post, could you like... Just... Do a tiny click on that advertisement box on your right? Yeah. That one, right underneath the "Subscribe to" thingy. It won't cost you a thing, it won't do any harm either, but it will give me a (once again) very tiny small amount of money, which in return makes me a very tiny bit more happier each time someone clicks it.

And who knows, it might even be interesting! I have no idea what the advertisement box tells you, it is supposed to show you advertisements that are relevant to whatever business you searched for on Google. In my case it shows me something in French about becoming a florist, although I have absolutely no idea why it would show something like that since I never even searched for flowers online. Peculiar.

I think I'll keep making posts like these every time my views increase by a thousand. Eventually, I'll get to 9000. And you should know what that means. Oh boy, do I look forward to that moment... That will be one heck of a post.

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