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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trying to take over the world... One post at a time.

My boyfriend told me I should have a blog. To post about all the little things I do that make me happy. Creative things, crafts. I'm also just going to put some handy SharePoint posts here, since I often have the feeling that some of the things I code might actually come in handy for other people. So yeah. :)

Perhaps a small introduction is in place!

My name is Magali. Yes, I am female.
I'm a junior analyst programmer and I work at the college university of Ghent, where I also graduated as bachelor in Applied Computer Science in 2012.
My job is to make a new kind of intranet site in SharePoint 2013. At first I didn't even know how to work with SharePoint since I only had a few workshops during my education, but I was given the opportunity to learn more about SharePoint and to study it in order to properly do my job. And here I am now, actually enjoying SharePoint. I still like to code in JavaScript though, so I often use JavaScript to make things work.

Other than that, I also have a wide arrange of hobbies. 

I'm often told that I have too many, but I enjoy them all. Variation, yay! Here's what I like to do:
  • play the piano
  • watch series and movies
  • go to the movies
  • play video games (both on computer and consoles)
  • make things with perler beads in 8-bit style
  • sew hand-made felt plushies
  • craft things out of cardboard (mostly miniature furniture)
  • collecting Pokémon games
  • going for a swim
  • dozens of other things 

Also, I'm geeky

Indeed I am! A geeky girl. To me, being geeky means that I'm passionate about something. Not only about computer business and gaming, but also about hobbies like crafting. I do tend to sometimes mix the two (like making 8-bit Space Invaders, you just wait until that project is finished and you will be amazed!).

Anyway, please do enjoy my blog. Expect lots of coding, crafting, geeky creativity and cat pictures!

- Magali

PS: The cake IS a lie. No, seriously, did you see that recipe?

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